Marshall Kirewskie is a small boutique law firm involved in complex litigation. We are experienced and dynamic court room lawyers.  We have successfully litigated against many Bay Street law firms. We offer downtown Toronto skills and experience at reasonable suburban rates.


Located in downtown Oakville, our clientele is diverse: while we have acted for American corporations in commercial lawsuits and in the enforcement of foreign judgments, we also act as counsel in family law, estate and local environmental matters.  We’re committed to providing affordable legal services in our community. We serve clients in Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Hamilton, Niagara, Mississauga and Toronto.  We have a special interest in equine law as we are avid amateur dressage riders.  We would be happy to give you advice on your equine needs, including any legal issues arising from the purchase or sale of a horse, any horse related injuries and negligence.


We know that most cases settle before they get to court.  Our job is to frame your case so that we can resolve your dispute quickly, cost efficiently and with the best possible outcome.  We handle claims of all kinds:  business; personal injury; negligence; and estates.  We handle family claims with compassion and understanding.  We know that making the decision to end a relationship is difficult.  We do our best to give honest advice to reduce the level of conflict between former partners and children.  We encourage our clients to take counseling and to use parenting coordinators rather than lawyers to manage their relationships.  We know that after separation, partners need to move on.  We will not spend years arguing over family issues in the courts.


We offer straight-forward advice, and aggressive, intelligent and hard-working representation.


If you would like to book a consultation, email us with a description of your legal issue or call Nick for an appointment on (905) 842-5070 ext. 221.