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Marshall Kirewskie is a litigation law firm whose lawyers specialize in resolving estate and employment lawsuits through research-driven, thoughtful and strategic advocacy.

Our goal is to provide reassuring, common sense legal advice tailored to the specific needs and objectives of our clients so they can make informed and pragmatic decisions about their legal issues. We believe it is in our clients’ best interests to resolve issues quickly and without needlessly dragging out and inflating the costs of litigation.   We help clients find solutions to their legal problems through progressive, common sense and trustworthy representation.

Our Difference: Research-Driven Advocacy 

At Marshall Kirewskie Lawyers, we take a deeply analytical approach to handling your case. We draw on our fifty combined years of experience in litigating disputes in a wide range of legal practice areas, as well as many years of experience in working for the Department of Justice and local and municipal government to provide proactive and knowledgeable advice and guidance to clients.

We have a deep understanding of the ins and outs of the litigation process and the judicial system. Our goal is to make your involvement with the law as transparent and easy to understand as possible and to keep you highly involved throughout the progress of your legal matter.

We know that building a successful case starts with a strong foundation. We use our research-driven advocacy approach to carefully examine your legal issues, identify the most persuasive lines of legal authority in your favour, and proactively prepare for any potential arguments that may be used to oppose your position. This allows us to pursue the most effective and efficient resolution to your legal issue.

Our wide breadth of knowledge about both the law itself, and the civil litigation process, allows us to identify the related legal and procedural issues that may arise over the course of your dispute, and find innovative and intelligent ways to address them.

Our lawyers offer legal guidance and advocacy to both businesses and individuals in:

We are also passionate about environmental law and constitutional law. We have extensive experience with Charter claims, have a deep understanding of public international law, particularly where it intersects with Canadian constitutional law, and have 25 years’ experience handling regulatory issues in the environmental context. We know what it takes to challenge the government in the courts.

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We are zealous advocates, focused on estate litigation, employment law, constitutional law, environmental law and real estate.

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Determined litigators making you a priority 

As soon as we take on a client’s legal issues, our highly-experienced litigators, Paul Marshall and Cassandra Kirewskie, work closely with each client to understand their personal perspective and individual concerns. We take the time to listen to the challenges you’re facing and will offer honest, practical advice. We strive to come to an effective resolution as expeditiously as possible, while mitigating risk and fighting for our clients’ interests.

We make it a priority to always be responsive; we are readily available to answer your questions, explain the significance of certain procedural steps, or discuss overall case strategy. Our clients appreciate that we are approachable and available to offer advice when they need it. We take extra care to explain the benefits and drawbacks of each potential course of action in straightforward terms, and ensure our clients have the tools they need to make the best and most effective decisions about their legal issues.

Representation with results 

We are committed to helping businesses, individuals, and non-profit organizations resolve their legal disputes as promptly and economically as possible. We have the necessary skills, knowledge, experience, and resources to take on national law firms, and large, corporate legal teams, and have done so successfully many times throughout our careers.

Our approach from the outset of any claim is to help our clients meet their goals through conscientious, skillful representation. We know that litigation can be very expensive and time consuming, so wherever possible, we work to resolve matters through written advocacy and negotiation, without taking costly steps in court. Our outstanding written advocacy skills have allowed us to resolve many matters at early stages of the litigation process and without resorting to adjudication or trial. Where needed, however, we are assertive, capable litigators, and will not hesitate to represent our clients in court and at administrative tribunal hearings whenever necessary.

Burlington litigators representing individuals, businesses, and non-profits 

Marshall Kirewskie Lawyers has built a solid reputation of dedication to our clients. We take great pride in guiding our clients through the litigation process, and in working tirelessly to achieve positive results on their behalf.

If you are facing potential litigation, we are available to discuss your legal options and help you make an informed decision about what next steps to take. Call us at 905-634-2002 or contact us online to make an appointment.

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